Taco Salad

Tonight’s dinner approaches the maximum amount of cooking I do, but it’s one of my new favorite dinners: taco salad.


The salad base is iceberg lettuce. I know that some of you are thinking, “Iceberg lettuce has so few nutrients! Why don’t you use something better?” The reason is, taco salad is better with iceberg. Iceberg has a very satisfying crunch. If I’m feeling ambitious I throw some minced garlic (from a jar, don’t get excited) in the frying pan with some spray oil. Then I add meatless ground “beef.” Tonight I had Gardein brand, sometimes I have Morningstar Farms, whichever is on sale. I prefer Morningstar Farms if all things are equal. I sometimes add cheese to the pan with the meatless ground.

If I have an avocado I’ll typically add 1/2 the avocado. In the case of tonight, I have three perfectly ripe avocados, so I added a whole avocado.

Next is a tablespoon of light sour cream, followed by two tablespoons (or maybe a little more) of mild salsa. Voila! That’s it!! So good, so easy, so filling.


Iceberg Lettucce

Meatless ground – 1 cup

Avocado – 1/2

Light Sour Cream – 1 tablespoon

Salsa – 2 tablespoons

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