Taco Salad

Tonight’s dinner approaches the maximum amount of cooking I do, but it’s one of my new favorite dinners: taco salad.


The salad base is iceberg lettuce. I know that some of you are thinking, “Iceberg lettuce has so few nutrients! Why don’t you use something better?” The reason is, taco salad is better with iceberg. Iceberg has a very satisfying crunch. If I’m feeling ambitious I throw some minced garlic (from a jar, don’t get excited) in the frying pan with some spray oil. Then I add meatless ground “beef.” Tonight I had Gardein brand, sometimes I have Morningstar Farms, whichever is on sale. I prefer Morningstar Farms if all things are equal.

If I have an avocado I’ll typically add 1/2 the avocado. In the case of tonight, I have three perfectly ripe avocados, so I added a whole avocado (and ended up using several of my weekly points because of it). Weigh your avocados, people!! You get more bang for your smart point buck! If I’m low on points, I’ll skip the avocado. Without it this is a FILLING 3 point dinner!

Next is a tablespoon of light sour cream, followed by two tablespoons (or maybe a little more) of mild salsa. Voila! That’s it!! So good, so easy, so filling.

If I have extra points lying around, I sometimes add cheese to the pan with the meatless ground.


Iceberg Lettucce – 0 smart points

Meatless ground – 1 cup – 2 smart points

Avocado – 1/2 – 4 smart points

Light Sour Cream – 1 tablespoon – 1 smart point

Salsa – 2 tablespoons – 0 smart points




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