Burrito Bowls

I went out to lunch with a coworker today and it made me think about how eating out is a big part of life for everyone, but especially for someone who doesn’t enjoy cooking, and it can be especially challenging for weight watchers.

I chose the spot, Boloco. If you have one nearby, try it!! If not, let me explain why burrito bowls can be great. First, Boloco offers three size burritos and bowls. I immediately skip the tortilla to save myself the points. Then I usually pick the small, which is essentially as big as a frozen meal you might buy. It leaves me satisfied, not full. Today, however, I knew I didn’t have any afternoon snacks with me so I ordered an original (technically a medium). It was more food than I typically eat for lunch and I was definitely full at the end. 

Now the good part! I ordered my burrito bowl with quinoa, tofu, black beans, salsa, and guacamole. I had previously calculated the small bowl as 7sp, so I estimated today’s as 1 3/4 of a small… 12sp. It was delicious and worth a slightly higher points price! 

If I’m somewhere without the size options, I immediately cut my burrito in half (or thirds if it’s one of those ridiculous ones). And if they don’t offer bowls, you can always unwrap it yourself!! The most important thing is to listen to your stomach, no use eating so much you feel sick! Save those leftovers for your next meal, that’s one more meal you don’t have to cook!! 

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