Leftovers Bowls

Leftovers bowls are a great place to get a little creative, which means that sometimes they’re delicious, and sometimes they’re just edible. Hopefully through this blog I’ll document some of the better ones I create. Last night’s dinner bowl was pretty good.

I took leftover cooked brown rice and broccoli (leftover from chick’ and broccoli with brown rice) and threw it in the frying pan to warm up. I had an open can of chickpeas which I included for some protein; I may have even opened a can if I was short on protein. Then I added to that some spinach and balsamic dressing and let it wilt a little. A lesson I learned a while ago with these bowls is you’ve got to give them flavor!! Salad dressing is an easy way to add flavor.

Then I transfer that into a bowl and top it with half an avocado if I’ve got one. Finally, to this bowl I added a drizzle of balsamic reduction glaze. Note to my friends who also hate cooking, this glaze is amazing and can make anything look and taste fancier (use sparingly).

Here are some examples of other leftover bowls I’ve made:

Green beans and almonds with avocado

Quinoa, green beans, spinach, and tofu (yes, sometimes I make tofu)

Quinoa, sundried tomatoes, green beans and almonds topped with avocado

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