Tofurkey Chick’n Wrap

This one may not make the prettiest dinner, but it was delicious!! I bought the Tofurkey Lightly Seasoned Slow Roasted Chick’n for the first time and tried it tonight. Not only is it incredibly simple to heat up (microwave), it is delicious! I can’t say that it tastes like chicken, closer to the Tofurkey bologna I’d say, but I like Tofurkey bologna.

The wrap I most frequently use is Joseph’s lavash. One whole lavash is only 2 smart points! Tonight I added Alouette Light Garlic and Herbs spreadable cheese, some iceberg lettuce (because that is all I have) and leftover chopped red onion and green pepper.

–Why on earth did I have leftover onion and pepper in my fridge?? It’s only because we hosted a Superbowl party here on Sunday and I made guacamole. Otherwise, there would be no good reason. Turns out they’re handy to have.–

Anyway, it was a delicious combo and I look forward to doing more with Tofurkey Chick’n!


Tofurkey Chick’n – 1 serving – 4 smart points

Alouette Light Garlic and Herbs – 2 tablespoons – 2 smart points

Joseph’s Lavash – 1 lavash – 2 smart points

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