Hello Fresh Grilled Cheese and Veggie Jumble

We got a Hello Fresh coupon in the mail recently so we decided to try it; I’ll try anything to make cooking meals less painful. Since I’m a vegetarian, we ordered the vegetarian meals (husband can survive without meat for a meal or three). 

I got home from work late tonight and by the time I got home hubby was already prepping the Hello Fresh Grilled Cheese and Veggie Jumble dinner so I jumped right in. Cooking together is not something we typically do, so that was fun. (Please disregard our kitchen, it’s the next renovation project on our list).

Hubby pealing sweet potatoes. 😊

In the end, the dish was colorful and insanely flavorful! It was soooo good we talked the whole time we ate about when we’d make it again and who we’d make it for. A vegetarian dish that even a meat eater loves is a keeper for sure!

CLose-up of the hello fresh vegetarian meal

I didn’t calculate the points before digging in, even though it came with a nutrition label. 🙈 After dinner, I punched it into the calculator… 20 smart points. Two zero!?! What?! Sitting here about an hour later I feel very full but of course, I didn’t at the time. Had I realized the number of points I might have split my portion in half or at least two-thirds. Ugh, full Weight Watcher regret. But it’s tracked and I’m moving on! At least I still had the weeklies to spend.

If you hate to cook (like me) and are a vegetarian on Weight Watchers (also like me) then Hello Fresh is great… IF you make sure to pay attention to portion sizes. There are also some easy tweaks that would help cut back on points like using less olive oil or less cheese. We’ve got two more meals this week and three the week after that, I’ll be sure to review them all!

Hello Fresh Grilled Cheese and Veggie Jumble – 20 smart points

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