Hello Fresh Chickpea Powered Mediterranean Couscous

Night two of Hello Fresh… I’m older and wiser, here is our Hello Fresh Chickpea Couscous review!! (Find night one here) The Hello Fresh directions were straightforward, again, which is really helpful for someone like me who does not have reliable intuition in the kitchen. Overall the estimate of 30 mins cooking time was accurate (it may have taken me slightly longer because my chopping skills are not the best). I love that these recipes have me using things like thyme and paprika that I would absolutely never use on my own.

Two sheet pans in the oven; one with chickpeas and one with vegetables
Roasty toasty
Couscous in a pot on the stove

Ultimately, this meal wasn’t as good as last night’s, but it was still a tasty, healthy, vegetarian meal and my carnivore husband enjoyed it as well! I learned my lesson and took 1/3 of the total meal for myself and gave the rest to Eric. These are not small portions.

A square white plate with a Hello Fresh meal with couscous, roasted chickpeas, and roasted vegetables
Scallions make everything look fancier
A close-up of a meal with couscous, roasted chickpeas and vegetables topped with scallions

Hello Fresh Chickpea-Powered Mediterranean Couscous

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And if you’re looking for this recipe, you can find it here

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