Hello Fresh One-Pan Mushroom Ravioli Gratin

There is definitely a theme to these Hello Fresh meals, and that theme is DELICIOUS!! It’s like eating in a restaurant each time. Good news, the food is healthy and yummy. Bad news, it’s a lot of points, just like in a restaurant. But I’m getting good at managing points. Today for this recipe we swapped out the sour cream for reduced fat sour cream we had in the fridge. Then, I took less than 1/3 of the meal and hubby took the rest (and he’s happy to have larger portions of these vegetarian meals, that’s how you know they really are good!)

One thought on “Hello Fresh One-Pan Mushroom Ravioli Gratin

  1. We received meals today with no recipes…. how to cook the ravioli…a wee bit frustrating

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