Family Meals with an 18-Month-Old

With one vegetarian, one meat eater, and a picky 18-month-old in the house, sitting down for family meals can be a challenge. But we know how important family meals are for kids so we keep doing it. We typically pick a vegetable and/or fruit, a carb for everyone, and then we divide and conquer on the protein. My son (Grant) often likes my vegetarian protein more than Daddy’s carnivorous option, but we typically offer him both and let him eat what he wants. Here are some recent examples with what Grant actually ate as the caption below the photo:

For these meals we all ate the same thing except I skipped the meat. I typically serve myself a LARGE portion of the vegetables, a normal portion of the protein, and a small portion of the carbs. Some days I do better than others (like I did not eat a small portion of ravioli).

If you’re wondering about Grant’s plate, we loved it until we ran it through the dishwasher. After going through the dishwasher we cannot get the smell out (yes, we tried vinegar). We did buy another one that we only hand wash. Find the EZPZ plate here.

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