Easy Healthy Pancake Review

I stumbled upon this banana pancake recipe from Belit today and since I have several overripe bananas on the counter I wanted to try it out for lunch. The banana, egg, and cinnamon are zero points so the only points came from the 1 1/2 tbsp of flour I added (1 point) and the drizzle of maple syrup which I didn’t measure but will count as a tablespoon (3 points), don’t judge.

Results? It was delicious! I can definitely see us adding this to the breakfast rotation. Can’t wait to see if the little guy will eat them!


One thought on “Easy Healthy Pancake Review

  1. I love it! It looks exactly like when I made them on the stove top. For an extra boost, you can add one scoop of collagen powder. My picky eater seven year old son loves them. I hope your little ones enjoy these healthy pancakes as well. Please check my site for more easy and healthy pancake, waffle and muffin recipes. https://belitili.wordpress.com/

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