Morningstar Farms Chik Patty and Peas

Last night’s dinner was a little bit of leftovers, a household staple, and a vegetable. My husband told me he was making steak, which meant I had to come up with dinner. If left to his own devices hubby would eat meat and nothing more. Grant loves these Chik patties (we call them “soy patties” so as not to confuse him). So that was Grant’s and my protein, then I threw in our zucchini leftovers and picked a frozen vegetable to steam in the microwave. I added a little butter and salt to the peas, mostly for me since they’re not my favorite. But we finally found something green that Grant likes!! I guess I’ll be eating a lot more peas.

My plate, the end of the zucchini patties, Morningstar Farms Chik patty with mustard, and peas.
Grant ate all his Chik patty with mustard. He ate a couple bites of zucchini patty but almost ALL OF HIS PEAS!!! It’s a win. He didn’t want the string cheese leftover from snack time.

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