Sunbasket Rainbow Quinoa Black Bean Tacos

We’ve been doing Sunbasket since before the pandemic started. We like to pick the oven-ready or speedy meals for quick, easy meals. The regular ones are too much cooking for my taste and time (similar to Hello Fresh). Most of what we’ve tried we’ve liked, with a few exceptions. This is one we’ve ordered several times now and we really like it. We also often have leftovers, which will be nice for lunch tomorrow.

A serving is 17 points, but that would be 4 or 5 tacos and a lot of filling. I had two tacos, but a whole portion of the guacamole (can’t let it go brown!!) so I’m counting tonight’s dinner as 9 points.

One of my tacos, yum
Not pictured, meat-eating husband added leftover steak to his tacos
We tried to keep the parts separate for Grant and let him pick what went into his taco. He only ate one bite of the quinoa and beans mix. He ate a few bites of the taco shell, a couple pieces of shredded carrot, and lots of peaches. He spent the end of the meal putting peaches in a small bowl and dumping them out repeatedly. We didn’t mind since it allowed us to finish our meals.

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