Sunbasket Creamy Mushroom Penne with Baby Spinach and Almonds

These oven ready meals are sooooo convenient. We typically don’t even use the oven, we microwave them. You microwave the pasta and then mix it in with the baby spinach and boom, dinner is served. I served Grant blueberry yogurt and grapes in case he didn’t eat any of the pasta, but he actually ate all the pasta he was served!! He also ate all the yogurt.

This one was crazy high in points, one serving is 28 points!! That’s more than a whole day for me! I ate about 1/2 serving for 14 points and was satisfied, but not full. Even though it was delicious I don’t think it’s worth those kinds of points. I could eat way more food for 14 points.

My 14 point plate 😱
Grant ate all this pasta and even had one tiny piece of mushroom!! He ate most of the grapes and all of the yogurt.

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