Breakfast During a Pandemic

One benefit to both of us working from home right now is that we have time (since we don’t commute) to enjoy a family breakfast all together. Eric and I take turns preparing breakfast every other day. Eric was so proud of this morning’s breakfast that he asked me to post it, I explained that would mean I needed to share with everyone how many points that waffle and syrup was (whole wheat, 3 points). I didn’t witness the pouring of the syrup so I’m calling it 1 tbsp for 3 points 😬. I typically do toast with a small amount of butter. I’ve been buying Dave’s Killer Bread, it’s very good and comes in “thin slice” as well for lower point options. Grant is a fan, too.

I still drink unsweetened Stok cold brew coffee all summer long, it’s sooooo good.

Coffee and eggs are pretty much required
Grant loved this whole wheat waffle, it was a treat he doesn’t get often. He wasn’t too excited about his fruit this morning but ate most of the eggs.

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