Sunbasket Cheesy Fusilli with Leeks and Wilted Greens

If these photos looks rushed it’s because they were! Grant was so impatient to eat that I didn’t even take the time to grab fruit (I did after we started, we had grapes).

Making this dish Grant helped me salt the pasta water, did not understand that you have to cook pasta before eating it, and took a bite of the raw leeks. In the end he loved the pasta but didn’t want to try the greens. The dish has some smoked spices which was a new flavor for him so I was happy to expose him to that. I really liked the dish, too.

Unfortunately it’s another crazy high point meal, 17 points per serving. Grant and I shared a serving but I probably had 12 points worth. Due to the high point values of the quick vegetarian meals, we’re going to take a break from Sun Basket.

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