Loaded Sweet Potatoes

Tonight’s dinner was so simple but so delicious. I microwaved some steam-in-bag sweet potatoes, then loaded them up with corn, tomatoes, cheese, avocado, and non fat greek yogurt. Grant and I added vegetarian sausage, our meat-eater had some kind of steak. We had grapes for dessert. 🍇

Love a perfect avocado ❤️.
Tomatoes courtesy of my parents’ garden.
Grant ate some corn in the kitchen but didn’t want any off his plate. He ate all the vegetarian sausage and all his grapes (and most of my grapes). He didn’t touch anything else (even though he loves sweet potato). Well, he touched his tomato to point it out to me, I’ll take the exposure.
This is the dish before the meat was added. Not much to look at but yum!

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