Hungryroot Four Cheese Tortelloni

This meal was particularly delicious with the kale pesto sauce. The sauces are really what make Hungryroot worth it, they add something special to every meal. I added steam-in-the-bag green beans to bulk up the portion a bit since we split these meals with Grant (and also I’m pregnant and hungry). The vegetables in the mix were sweet potatoes, radishes, and turnips, definitely not veggies I’d choose on my own which is a nice part about these meal kits!

We even had some leftovers!!

square white plate with tortelloni, vegetables, and green beans
My plate, in a very rushed photo because…
child crying in front of green plate and pizzelle cookie
This was the situation when we tried to sit down at the table. The pizzelle eventually got his attention and then after a few bites of pizzelle he tried the tortelloni which he loved and had seconds of. He didn’t touch his green beans or sweet potatoes.

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