Easy Freezer Meal for Four

Harris is about to turn one, Grant is three, and we all need to eat food, so I’ve started this blog back up as a reminder to myself of what works for us.

I forgot to take a picture of my plate, #momoftwo, but we had an easy meal of steam-in-the-bag couscous with spinach, frozen soy chikn nuggets, and cheese and crackers at the request of Grant. I think Grant has gotten pickier over time, but we try not to apply pressure to keep mealtimes as stress-free as possible. We also don’t tie dessert to how much he eats, he already has dessert on a tall enough pedestal! Some nights we have dessert, some we don’t. Sometimes it’s served with the meal, sometimes after. When he asks and we tell him it’s not a dessert night he doesn’t get upset… at least not yet! I keep the freezer stocked with a few staples for nights when I’m busy or just don’t have the brain capacity to do anything more complicated.

Harris’s plate, he ate all the soy nuggets, seconds of the couscous and spinach, and just played with the cheese (more about the plates we use in this post).
Grant’s plate, he had seconds of the cheese and crackers, had a glass of milk, and nothing else.

The adults had a lovely dinner of soy nuggets dipped in tzatziki, couscous with spinach, and cheese and crackers.

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