Easy Tortellini With Couscous and Spinach

This is one of the adult favorites. The kids somehow don’t like tortellini but we’ve decided they’re wrong and we will keep serving it until they realize tortellini are delicious.

I boiled a large package of cheese tortellini, microwaved a package of couscous with spinach and lemon sauce, and cut up some tomato and mozzarella. The mozzarella was really just a safe food for the boys.

My plate, colorful and delicious
Grant’s plate. We kept the spinach out and only put butter on his tortellini. Nevertheless he only ate the mozzarella and seconds and thirds of mozzarella. He also had several cups of milk.
Harris’s plate. He was in a mood tonight and wouldn’t eat or drink anything (very unlike him). Eventually we gave in and fed him Cheerios so he didn’t go to bed hungry… We think it’s his teeth.

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