Hello Fresh Cauliflower and Sweet Potato Tacos

No, we have not started back up with Hello Fresh, but this post with these photos was sitting in drafts and I was just noticing how good these look!! I saved the photos because of how happy we were with these Hello Fresh Cauliflower Tacos. I rarely roast veggies in the oven but oh man, I really should do it more often!! Oven roasted vegetables are definitely superior to steamed vegetables.

Please enjoy mediocre photos of this delicious meal from years ago:

Pretty sure that’s tzatziki, yum!

Hello Fresh has updated the recipe since we made it, but the current version can be found here: https://www.hellofresh.com/recipes/roasted-cauliflower-and-squash-t-5820b3dbb0a360118300df42

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