Pastina with Creamy Spinach

I’m proud of this one, my mom would be, too. I was making pastina because Grant wasn’t feeling well and decided to use my frozen spinach. (Is that an Italian-American thing, pastina when you’re sick?) I mixed garlic, butter, feta, and cream cheese into the spinach and it was creamy and delicious!

The only problem was one package of spinach wasn’t enough, next time I’d make two. Harris couldn’t get enough, but that probably means next time he won’t eat any. #toddlers

Didn’t get a photo before dishing it out
Pastina tip: 2:1 water to pastina
Harris’s bowl, he couldn’t get enough spinach. He had seconds and thirds!
Grant’s bowl, he’s feeling better and I’m pretty sure it’s thanks to the pastina.
Adult bowl, mixed together. Eric liked it as much as I did.
Holding a fork, eating with his hands, per usual.

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