Vegetable Skillet Lasagna – Reviewed

This vegetable skillet lasagna is one of our family’s favorite meals. It is based on this recipe from Taste of Home. However, we don’t actually have a cast iron skillet, so I improvised a little and everyone seems pretty happy! The hardest part is timing it so my vegetables are fresh (anyone else always letting their veggies go bad?!?) Oh, that and chopping onions, I hate chopping onions.

You do the minimal prep work, which is less if you buy pre-chopped veggies like I did with the mushrooms and garlic. Sometimes if I don’t have mushrooms I’ve added meatless crumbles or meatless meatballs, those have been great in this dish, too. I cook them halfway in the microwave then add them to the skillet with the zucchini.

Another variation we use is to mix red and white pasta sauce. I learned that trick on Instagram and it’s the gift that keeps on giving, its good in every dish we’ve tried it!

After that I followed the recipe. The last part, softening the noodles, takes too long every time when my toddler is hangry, but that’s what appetizers are for, tonight it was apple slices (which were on the menu as a safe food anyway). Because Grant likes his food separate and this meal is entirely mixed, I gave him apples and a pile of shredded cheese like he likes. We served dessert (nutmeg cookies — coming soon to the blog) with dinner.

Lasagna ingredients
Most of the ingredients, I like simple.
Close up of zucchini and mushrooms
close up of skillet with broken lasagna noodles
Am I doing this “broken noodles” thing right?
Close up of finished vegetable skillet lasagna in bowl
My bowl of vegetable skillet lasagna. I tried to have seconds but Harris ate all my seconds.
Toddler eating zucchini with pink fork
Harris could not get enough of this lasagna. He kept asking for more and more eating lots of zucchini and mushrooms.

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