Plate with cooked quesadilla, avocado and creama

Hello Fresh Black Bean Quesadillas

We got a coupon in the mail and decided to try another shipment of Hello Fresh. We’re cooking for four now, including two toddlers, so the meals we chose are influenced by that. Since I’m still a vegetarian we stuck with vegetarian options. The box arrived today and I decided to make the Black Bean Quesadillas (officially Hello Fresh One-Pan Black Bean & Pepper Quesadillas) since they’re only supposed to take 20 minutes to prep and cook.

I’m not sure what I did wrong but dinner took me 50 minutes to make. Yes, I had to referee some sibling fights while cooking because Eric wasn’t home yet, but it still took me a significantly longer time than it should have.

Unfortunately, I didn’t notice the little spicy symbol next to the pepper until after I had mixed the whole filling together, total fail. Not that the boys would have necessarily eaten the bean mixture, but I would have snuck some in Harris’ quesadilla and given Grant some on the side for exposure, at least.


  1. Hello Fresh, you can’t call something “one pan” anything if you have to wash the pan in the middle of cooking. Just no.
  2. Why did you instruct me to cut up two whole limes when all I needed was a small squirt of lime juice in the crema? Silly. And those two giant peppers would have been waaaaay too much. I used half of one.
  3. The serving size was small. Our three-year-old ate his entire quesadilla and our 18-month-old ate almost all of his (save the few pieces he decided to throw on the floor). So the adults were left a little unsatisfied with the meal. Maybe a side dish would have helped round it out?


  1. There was a ton of cheese.
  2. The tex mex sauce was delicious.
  3. The final product was so good. Husband said, “10 out of 10, would eat again!”
  4. Since the bean mix was spicy the kids just got plain cheese quesadillas but they were very happy with that.

The conclusion, these Hello Fresh Black Bean Quesadillas were absolutely delicious. However, if I got them again I’d prepare a side dish to bulk up the meal. I would also pull out some black beans separately to give the littles.

Three year old sorting ingredients
Grant needed to review the ingredients
18 month old mixing ingredients
Harris needs to do everything his brother does
chopped green pepper
The spicy pepper
close up of black bean and pepper filling mixture
This filling was actually delicious
baby falling off bee bouncer next to Hello Fresh box
This kid was chaos the whole time I was cooking
cooked black bean quesadilla with avocado and creama
My plate, I had a perfectly ripe avocado so I decided to add it to the meal.
three year old holding a quesadilla
Three year old approved

Find the recipe here. And if you want to try Hello Fresh, use this link for $150 off.

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