Hello Fresh Tuscan Tomatoes and White Beans

Last night we made the Hello Fresh Tuscan Tomatoes and White Beans dish. Spoiler alert, it was delicious. I can’t say we’ve ever been disappointed with a Hello Fresh recipe. Neither child would even try it, however.

The recipe was pretty straightforward with the biggest challenge (for a novice like me) being toasting the bread while cooking the rest. Did I leave the bread in too long? Yes I did. I left out the chili powder so it wouldn’t be spicy in case the boys did try it, but otherwise followed the recipe.

I think they’re into something brilliant with the stock concentrates. This recipe includes mushroom and veggie stock concentrates (and Italian seasoning) which all added a bunch of flavor.

I kept out some of the croutons because I knew my boys would eat those plain. But it wasn’t until I was putting some of the bean dish on their plates that I realized I could be facing total toddler mutiny, so I grabbed strawberries for them as well. Having something they love on the plate goes a long way to getting them to the table to maybe eat something.

Eric and I are looking forward to leftovers, we’ll see if they boys are willing to try it when they see it for a second time.

Ingredient dump, I didn’t have time to lay them out nicely, the hangry toddler clock was ticking!
I’m terrible at chopping vegetables but I go as fast as possible with onions 💧
This was beautiful coming out of the oven
Kid plate, they both ate croutons and strawberries and tolerated the bean dish being on their plate, so it was at least a good exposure. We also took the opportunity to talk about the ingredients they aren’t used to seeing like parsley.

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