Rainbow Tacos

I was inspired to try Rainbow Tacos from Real Easy Weekdays by Kids Eat in Color. We’ve been doing pretty basic tacos lately (beans and cheese) and this seemed like a good place to try to introduce new flavors to the boys. It also helped up our adult taco game as well! Our rainbow was a lot more colorful that these Sunbasket Rainbow Tacos we tried previously.

This was a surprising success with Grant and a massive failure with Harris. Grant voluntarily asked for everything individually on his plate. He didn’t end up eating everything, but he asked for it all on his plate and made his own taco, which was a huge win. I should note that “rainbow” is Grant’s favorite color so I suspected rainbow tacos could be a win.

For Harris, I made him a wrap with beans, corn, and cheese, and he flung it over his shoulder getting beans, cheese, and corn on the corner desk and in the printer.

I see how much food exposure is helping Grant slowly become more adventurous, so we’ll keep at it. Even if it means sometimes cleaning beans out of the printer.

Our rainbow meal ready for eating
I was so excited that he chose to put a little of everything on his plate
Grant with his rainbow plate before making his taco

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