When I got pregnant in spring 2018, everything changed in my world of eating and exercise. Since having Grant in January 2019 I’ve been trying to find my way back to healthy meals and regular workouts. One thing that has helped lately is that I want our son to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, so it is forcing me (the one who hates the kitchen) to be more creative. We had our second son, Harris, in May 2021 and now that he is relying on food for his nutrition as well we’ve got to refocus our efforts on healthy, balanced family meals.

The focus of this blog is on family meals that we’re creating. Looking back at older family meals is giving me ideas about things we haven’t tried in a while. My meat-eating husband and I always used to just eat separate meals, but now we’re making an effort to have family meals and figuring out how we can navigate our different needs. He has also recently decided to go about 80% vegetarian himself, so most of our meals are vegetarian these days.

I’m still a vegetarian, yogi, architect, and artist. I’m working to break my life-long obsession with weight loss in favor of intuitive eating and body neutrality. I haven’t figured out how to incorporate exercise back into my routine with two kids but that is a major goal of mine.

Join me as I share what it is we eat as a family. I hope to demonstrate how you can eat well, not eat food with eyeballs, hate to cook, and have family meals, all at the same time.

— Anne


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May 2022